Hickory Golf på Hulta

Our society was formed in 2013 by David Kirkham and Tomas Astlund both of whom have turned to hickory golf in the pursuit of the true spirit of this great game. Playing this wonderfull game can be enjoyed even more by playing with golf clubs made over 100 years ago. The sound of the shafts swinging through the air and the feel of the old heads striking the ball really must be tried by all golf lovers to understand and get back to what golf was all about.

In a time when a round of golf can take over five hours to play it becomes a joy to carry a little bag with 7-8 clubs and enjoy faster rounds with much enjoyment. At the end of a round over a nice pint it is the good shots you talk about and not the bad ones you have hit. It is a joy to relive the tradition and spirit of the game sharing the same clubs that Vardon and Jones used in there prime.

There is a very active Hickory Golf Tour in Sweden for those of you who would like to play these old clubs in competition. Buying of clubs is very easy through the internet or through many of the Swedish contacts Tomas and I have.

We even have our very own tour competition at Hulta which is played each year over our hickory layout. In 2015 almost 50 players from around Sweden traveled and played our championship! Hickory ladies play from the red tees and the men play our very own hickory course which is 5210m in length. The course is a mix of all our four tees at Hulta.

Course record holder- Rickard Larsson 67 shots 2019.

Hulta Hickory Invitation Winner 2022- David Kirkham 71 shots

Hulta Hickory Invitation Winner 2023- Andreas Alsén 80 shots

International Hickory Golf

Hickory golf is spreading slowly over the world and in 2019 it was the 15th holding of The World Hickory Open which was held over the world famous Gullane and Kilspindie golf links in Scotland. Our very own Golf Manager David Kirkham finished in 5th place out of around 130 players. In 2015 David was also Swedens first ever hickory player to be invited to compete in Philadelphia USA for The World Hickory Match-play Championship and was in fact leading after two rounds before falling back a little. Yes, so indeed hickory is spreading all over the world.

Our society hope to find many new hickory players who will join us and enjoy the experience. Any questions you may have then just drop me an e-mail at info@hultagk.se or call David on 033-204340, 0705-204366.

Hulta Hickory Honorary Members – by winning our Championship or for special services to golf you can be invited to become an Honorary Member.

Claes Armå, Jörgen Isberg, Eric Dawson, Lionel Freedman, Cliff Martin, Bengt Ivstedt, Tomas Johansson, Rickard Larsson, Svante Hansson, Ulf Svensson, Jerry Hultquist, Chirster Erngren, Andreas Alsén.

Hulta Hickory Society Members

David Kirkham, Tomas Astlund, Björn Andersson, Douglas Dahlqvist, Krister Ekblad, Pontus Emanuelsson, Susanne Lagerqvist, Thomas Johansson, Ulf Johansson, Jan-Olof Kenndén, Per-Anders Edvinsson, Anette Gustavsson, Max Andersson, Niklas Rödin, Svante Hansson, Pia Berntsson Janne Lenartzon.

Come and enjoy the experience!

David Kirkham genomför prova-på-aktivitet med Hickory Golf både i grupp eller enskilt eller varför inte för just ditt företag. Kontakta mig i dag! info@hultagk.se

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